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I’ve decided to create a blog so I can document the efforts of further understanding, and demonstrating, my ever-growing knowledge of security-related topics. By no means am I an expert in any of these topics, but I hope to share my adventure of (hopefully) becoming one. Cyber security is quite an interesting and wide-ranging field, and I hope my blog posts will be able to teach you a thing or two about this captivating subject.
Some questions you may have might look like…
  • “How did you get started in this field?”
  • “Why cyber security?”
  • and of course “Why B34N?”
    Allow me to answer your questions. I’ve been surrounded by computers and technology my whole life. Playing video games, both online and against my brother/cousins, made me competitive but also sprung a small curiosity in me regarding my limits. “To what extent are my skills limited? Well, I don’t know, let’s play for hours on end until I find out.” After countless hours playing a video game, I learned what I was capable of and now it was time to see what the game was capable of. I started thinking of how I could go beyond the limits of the video game and do things that I wasn’t necessarily supposed to do. While most of it was silly stuff, such as feeding my Chao’s infinite chaos drives in Sonic Adventure 2, it taught me to think outside the box. And it’s been the same story since, but now I test the limits of everything in sight, rather than only video game functionality.
Cyber security is just the field to fuel my competitive, curious mindset: Never-ending amounts of applications for me to tinker with and break, unique and creative methods/solutions to learn from created by people all over the world against different applications, and the competition to get your name out there. All of the other Computer Science fields simply can’t match the excitement of cyber security.
Now, why B34N? I can’t think of any reason other than I watched a ton of Mr. Bean when I was younger. His ability to screw anything and everything up in the most absurd fashion is why I enjoyed his show so much, and probably why I’m constantly thinking of how to break things. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first thing that runs through my head when probing an application is, “What would Mr. Bean do?” Other than that, it’s short, easy to type, and makes for a pleasant url to look at.


I'm a college student currently studying Computer Science with a focus in Information Assurance and Security. I like Python, learning new things, and going fast.


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